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Admission Procedure
  1. As we know the students who want to get good education come here. So they should spend their most time in their studies.
  2. The students have to come to school in time.
  3. The Students have to come to school in school uniform. Without uniform, the student would be expelled from the class.
  4. Running, making, noise or whistling in the class are prohibited.
  5. All Students have to pay attention on the school property. So they not write or scretch on the desk, bench, chair or wall etc. the damage caused by the students would be fulifill by themselves.
  6. No magazines, other books except text book are allowed to bring in the class.
  7. To bring valuable things in school is prohibited.
  8. All students are bound to behave well and speak politely when they arrive in school or go from school.
  9. They have to live in good character in oder to honour towards all religion to disturb our society.
  10. The students would have moral confidence, so they should not do immoral works.
  11. Ninety percent attendance is compulsory for the promotion in the next class.
  12. Students must bring the School diary daily.
  13. The hostel facility is available in our school So you must inform the principal before keeping your ward in other hostel.
  14. Parents/Guardians or authorized persons are allowed to interview with the principal.
  15. Complaints given by the principal, vice-principal or teachers must be signed by the guardian.
  16. The fee of the School must be cleared with 1st and 15th of every month. After that they have to pay Rs 5/- as fine.
  17. You have to clear the fee of May along with the fee of June .Similary, you have to clear the fee of February among with the fee of march .Extra Charges must be given in two times in a year i.e. April & November.
  18. If the students want to leave the school, he/she must give information before 30 days, Otherwise he would have to give the fee of one month. If the students leaves the school in May he must clear the fee of June at any cost.
  19. Cycle riders must consult the cycle stand keeper and pay the charge.
  20. The Decision of the principal concerning discipline is final.